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Pandan Island – Mindoro

We visited Mindoro Last September. We originally wanted to visit Apo reef but since we will be staying for an overnight stay, we decided to visit Pandan Island instead.

Going to Pandan Island is approximately 3 hours drive and 15 minutes boat ride.


We encountered a heavy rain going to Sablayan. We were running under the pouring rain to ride our boat going to Pandan Island with  halo-halo on our hands since my crazy friends are craving for it though it’s freezing cold.

I guess the best part of travelling with friends is the fact that you can still laugh no matter how adverse the situation is. We get onto the boat laughing with our clothes and bags all soaked out wet.


The rain stopped after a few minutes.


The sky was still shady when we stepped on Pandan’s shore but everything around us look clear.

Bluer than blue.

We’re a group of ten so we availed the Family Room. There’s a compulsory buffet dinner on top of the room charges. 

So we were guided to our bungalow and look at what we have found.

The Kulambo made me feel like I am a Binukot in Philippines’ pre-hispanic era.

What I noticed is that the place is not over refined and developed. They still use solar lights so do not expect a bright room. They only have one outlet in the room though you may charge your gadgets at the bar.

We took our wet clothes out on our wet bags and hanged it up, washed ourselves, settled our things before heading to buffet dinner.

Apparently, we were so hungry we did not had the chance to take pictures of the food on the buffet table but it’s delicious. What made me smile is how the staff greeted us when we arrived at the restaurant, “Oh! Kain na kayo! Anong part ng isda gusto nyo? Gusto mo ba yung ulo o yung chan?”It’s very homey it gave me the same feeling when I visit some relatives in our province and they have prepared something not fancy but very special. I love it. 🙂 There’s no juice but there’s a corner which has a coffee, chocolate powder and milk, perfect for the cold night.

After the buffet, we headed to the bar. Far from the typical bar with band, lights, servers which we’re used to, theirs are quite and simple with an old playlist connected on their speaker and one kuya to assist us for the night. Like all the lights around the island, their bar also uses solar lights.

My friends ordered a couple of beers. Peaceful places can really clear everyone’s mind. My friends had a couple of beers but manage to keep themselves sober which is a good thing since you have to keep your sanity so you would not miss anything when you’re in Paradise.  

The night goes with us chatting, exchanging thoughts, telling stories while solving the puzzles which Manong lent for us to play with. (Yes, wood puzzles! I think that’s at least 8 – 9 sets.)

We then, returned to our cottage once are phones were fully charged. We agreed to wake up early to go to the beach and see the Pawikans, which according to the people from the island, usually climbs up shore in the morning.

But it started raining again at dawn so we have not seen any traces of Pawikan…

Here goes Mr. Sun after the rain.

We decided to grab some breakfast before we go swimming at the beach so we head up at the restaurant to fuel up. I may not have a picture but they have big servings of foods and the prices only ranges from PHP 140 to PHP 160 per order. After a superb breakfast, we headed on to the beach.

This place also promotes honesty. We can leave our phones unattended at the bar while it’s charging. As the owner continues she said  So it’s a mutual trust. Be honest or you can never step on this paradise anymore.

Island castaway feels.

Some resorts usually burn dried leaves and twigs or even tree branches but it’s different in Pandan. They just sweep it and place it at the side of the beach.

The beach has a fine white sand.
Driftwood on their front beach.
The side part of the beach.



There’s also an available complete snorkeling gear for only PHP 250 per day. The left side of the beach  is the best spot for snorkeling but you have to be very careful since this side is also very rocky. My friends got a couple of bruises but they enjoyed snorkeling too much they never mind.

After four hours of swimming, taking pictures, enjoying the fishes, chatting, laughing and basically enjoying each other’s company on this paradise, we prepared ourselves to leave. We were not able to try other available activities such at trekking.

Goodbye, Pandan.

You have to inform their staff when you are leaving the island so they can call your boat ride.

As I stand at Sablyan shore and glanced at Pandan Island again… I’m definitely going back!

*** Pictures were taken from my Samsung Edge

So here’s a computation of our expenses at Pandan Island. Transfers are excluded.

Family Room – PHP 3,450

  • This rate is just good for 6 adults but the room may accommodate 10 adults though there would be an additional charge of PHP 250 per extra adult.

Additional Adult – PHP 250 x 4 = PHP 1,000

Compulsory  Dinner – PHP 470 x 10 = PHP 4,700

Snokeling Gear – PHP 250 x 2 = PHP 500

Breakfast – PHP 1,175

  • We had individual orders of Breakfast and as mentioned above, prices ranges from PHP 140 – PHP 160 per order.

Bar Bill – PHP 595

  • My friends had at least 8 bottles of beer, some chichirya and rented the billiards

Total = PHP 11,420 for 10 adults

Boat ride – 75 Pesos per way

Van to and from estancia – PHP 350 per way

  • We did not rented a van. We just asked around where we can ride going to estancia and the locals led us to one van who’s on standby at the port.

That’s a total of approximately PHP 1,992 per pax


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