Here, There, and Everywhere

Gigantes Island

Known as the island of the Giants, Gigantes is surely one of the best locations to unwind. It offers clear waters, white sand, and ravishing rock formations. Like most of the beaches located in isolated islands of the Philippines, you have to endure the long travel just to get on the destination. But trust me, the farther the island from rural areas, the more pristine it is.

We decided to wander at Gigantes Island after our three-day conference which was held in Iloilo City. We stayed at Richmonde Iloilo for three consecutive nights and left at around 5:30 am on Sunday. It took us almost three and a half hours to Estancia port.

The smell of the fish greeted us as we descend from our service at Estancia Port when we arrive at 8:30 in the morning.

Fresh from the sea! They are already packing these fresh fishes at the port.

We were able to roam around the port and check on their fresh catch of the day. There are big sizes of squids and quite a lot of other fishes I am not familiar with..

Big size of squids.
We were even greeted bu this large tuna which was found and catch by the kid on the picture. ’twas later chopped into pieces by the elders.

Gigantes Island Hideaway arranged everything for us including the overnight accommodation, boat rides, island hopping, and meals for PHP 2,035 per pax, The rate also comes with personal tour guide, in our case, it was kuya Paeng who gamely assisted us. This is a promo rate for 14 pax.

Crabs, fishes and scallops curry. The best part of our lunch is it’s unlimited rice.


An unfamiliar shellfish which they call wasay-wasay.

On our lunch, we were served with big sizes of crabs, fresh fishes, wasay wasay and scallops curry. Gigantes is popular for their scallops, you would see mountains of scallop shells at their beach front. We proceeded with our Itinerary after lunch. Here are some photographs we were able to acquire on this trip.

Isla Gigantes’ famous spot located at Cabugaw Gamay Island.

You have to climb all the way to the top of an adjacent rock formed mountain to see this view and line up for a photo opportunity especially if it’s peak season.

Rock formations all over the place.
Tangke Lagoon

The lagoon’s water is stagnant and only reaches the lagoon when it’s high tide. I also tried the cliff jumping at Tangke Lagoon,you may ask your tour guide for instructions on where to jump. Don’t just jump anywhere!


Take the opportunity of swimming around the uninhabitated Islands you will visit, the water near the inhabited island is not very appealing.

Island after island
This was taken at the end of Bantique’s island sandbar which looks like I am in the middle of a whirlpool.
A virgin island which I was not able to confirm the name.

This island caught my attention with a single tree and an almost wrecked nippa hut.

We were also able to visit Bakwitan cave. Get ready for a 15 minutes hike to the top!

A unicorn rock form.

We were greeted by ancient bones which is set in a little hole near the entrance. Our tour guide says that some of the residence evacuated here when typhoon Yolanda strikes the Philippines back in year 2013. You would also see a unicorn formed rock on the cave’s wall.

Please be careful not to touch the stalagmites because the bacteria we have on our hands can kill this sparkling minerals.

We retire at almost 6 PM and at 7PM, we are all ready to take our sumptuous dinner.

Do not worry. Barbecued chicken, liempo, and hotdog is also available around the area so you don’t have to panic if you’re allergic to seafoods.

There were squid, fish, shrimp and meat for dinner.. Most of all, it’s still unlimited rice.

Scallops again for dinner.

Good thing about secluded area is you are away from social media, so hit the sheets at 9:30 PM but my friends are still up to having the best night of their life. Hideaway has a bar which offers non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. My friends took advantage of this and bought a bottle of brandy  to cap the night. They decided to occupy the tree house located near our rooms but the stillness of the night dragged me to a deep slumber so I was not able to join them for this.

I was able to wake up early but it’s too cloudy for a beautiful sunrise picture.

North Gigantes’ Lighthouse

Beside the lighthouse stands a ruin of a one storey house which you may enter for photo opportunity.

We are back to the Hideaway at 7 AM for our breakfast.

Scallops hotdog over there. KDDING! it’s the normal hotdog! No more unlimited rice for breakfast.

We headed back to Iloilo city at 11AM and reached the port at 1PM.

Expenses Breakdown.

Iloilo Esxpenses.jpg
It’s cheaper if you are in a group of 10 above.

Accommodation : Isla de Gigantes Hideway

+63 9184685006 – Mr. Joel Decano

Shuttle Service: BennchTransport

(033) 336 6190 / 300 3063

09173022873 / 09189282823

Mode of Transportation:

  1. Approximately 3- 4 hours land travel from Iloilo city to Estancia port.
  2. Approximately 2 hours boat travel from Estancia port to Isla de Gigantes .


Rarely to None

Special thanks to :

   Richmonde Iloilo for accommodating us for our 2 nights stay at the city.

Kudos to Kuya Paeng of Isla de Gigantes Hideaway for assisting us the whole tour.


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