In Between


When I was young, I would always remind myself not give my hundred percent when I fall in love. I should always make myself the top priority, I should always love myself more.

But when I fell in love, I realized that I can stretch every possibilities. I can give everything I could and everything I have. Everything.. Leaving nothing for myself is completely fine. And when I reached my limit, I can always adjust, stretch it, and give again.

But you know, love is meant to be reciprocated. All these love that you are willing to give, your partner should be willing to reciprocate it. It does not necessarily need to be in the same level of intensity but it has to be in the same level of sincerity.

Your partner should also be willing to give you a piece of him; to fill the spaces which giving him everything you could caused you. So you won’t be exhausted.

Love is completing each other’s spaces by each other’s pieces. That’s how two becomes one.


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