In Between


It’s a rough time. Toxicity is possessing my every being.

I can’t stop myself from fretting, from breaking, from falling into pieces.

It dulled my shine, I lost my charm, and it feels like i’m constantly under a tremendous storm with no escape.

The loneliness swallowed me, it devoured me whole. I am in a dark place and it’s so lonely here. Flooded with pain and agony, I sit still without moving an inch. My arms embracing my knees as it touch my chest. I am downcasted. I’m plunged in this torment.

Then I heard a voice. It’s you, mom. Yes, I heard you in the dark. You called my name and it soothes my heart.

In the verge of dying and breaking, your voice assured me that I will be loved through thick and thin.

Right then and there, it feels like everything is going to be fine again.

Mom, I love you. Thank you for always taking me home with you.

2017-11-09 05.00.33 1.jpg
Yes, that’s my mom.

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