In Between


I was in the most triumphant time of my life- walking on the clouds and glidding on rainbows so when I fell from the sky and hit rock bottom -I was shuttered into small pieces. Suddenly, my life is a mess. My heart turns gloomy and cold, everything is out of control. It feels like things are slipping in my hand. I tried to save myself but the harder I try to breakthrough, the more it destroys me. I shut my life’s door. No smile can uplift me. Deafend from logical ideas, I disconnected myself to people. “Leave me alone!” is the only thing I can think of.

I honestly lost the will to pick myself up. I’d rather stay here, I don’t want to fight anymore.

Then someone handed me a crushed piece and found that the fragment belongs to me. One hand leads to another, and another. I thought I shut my door? I sneak and saw my family and friends making a window from this darkness I am in, out of the love they have for me. They started picking up the pieces I was not willing to get and hand it to me. It’s the pieces where they belong.

Heartbreaks and failures tend to break the whole of us. Little do we remember that our wholeness does not revolve to them solely. Letting ourselves bleed, fuss, and grieve is not a sin, but this is just a phase and not a destination

I have learned that life is a really rough journey, no matter how much positivity we store, the sunshine in our pockets will eventually drain. No matter what, always remember that love is waiting in the corner, ready to fuel up our soul. It maybe in a form of family, a friend, a neighbor, or a smile from a stranger, love is always there. I know it’s tagged as blind, it has also been a fool, but love will always find it’s way to open a tight sealed door.


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