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Lost in Korea

As the only country divided into two distinct states namely as North and South, Korea has been in controversy for quite sometime.  Over the past years, threat of war arises between their divided nation. However, this does not affect the desire of many people to visit the said country. Since North is more of the secluded nation and it’s not easy to enter their territory, people would opt to visit South instead.

In a place screaming in fashion, hot stuff, and colorful places, this country is surely worth the leap.

We landed in South Korea at around 7 in the evening and took the cab to our Hotel in Gangnam. I unfortunately do not have any pictures of the hotel but it was a nice place to stay. You may check Gangnam Family Hotel, the room includes a kitchenette and a laundry machine. It’s also close to the subway, the airport bus stop, and convenience stores.

Here are some of the things we did in Korea :

  1. Korean BBQ

You can’t miss the chance of trying an authentic Korean BBQ. We tried out Saebyukjib’s which is one of the best places to eat Korean barbeque according to CNN. Click link for tips on where to eat.

The tenderness of the beef is exquisite. Plus it has a very rich taste, I totally love it.

Note : Koreans are very generous when it comes to side dishes. Sabi nga nila, side dish pa lang, busog na!

While this restaurant is quite pricey for 50,000 won per order, there are some stores along the street which also offers bbq.

2. Visit BukchonVillage and enter a palace wearing Hanbook

You can’t miss this as this is so fun! There are numerous stores which offers Hanbook rentals. They will also fix your hair. It’s fun going around the area feeling like a traditional princess. Prices ranges from 10,000 – 25,000 won depending on the costume you wish to wear.

Fact : Palaces has entrance fees but you can enter for free is your wearing a traditional costume.

3. Visit Myeongdong

Oh, girlfriend! This is a wonderland! Myeongdong offers Korean products for a very cheap price. I bought a pack of facemask for 10,000 won, that’s 20 sheets per pack. I know! Aren’t you excited?

Etude House is around almost every corner. I swear, you’ll love it here.

4. Indulge yourself to street food

Korea also offers a wide variety of street foods. And though I have seen quite a lot of stalls almost around every corner, I was only able to try it at Myeongdong.

  • I love the bun with egg and sun flower seeds.

5. Visit N Seoul Tower

It’s fun going here at night. The city lights look dashing and romantic. They also have the love locks here. I was not able to take a picture.

I believe you can take a bus or a taxi but the best way is to ride the cable car!


*We waited for the closing time which is a big mistake as we had a hard time riding on our way back to our hotel.

6. Visit the Mural Village

Hirap Umakyat besh! But the view as the top is really nice.The sunset is lovely here.

  • Have a cup of coffee at Cafe Travel. They have a rooftop spot and you’ll love the view in here. I like their Cold Matcha and Carrot Cake.

7. Visit Nami Island

Nami island is beautiful. I enjoyed eating ice cream while walking around the area. There are performers such as violinist, guitarist, vocalists, and many more. You may also enjoy biking and kids would love the animals around.

8. Le Petite France

Enjoy french style buildings, mountain view, cute decorated rooms, galleries, and short acts. If you are also familiar with My love from another star, the scene where Do Min Joon used his power to pull Cheon Song Yi closer to him so he could kiss her. *blushes* I love that part!

And for your convenience, purchase the beep card for easy travel.

The card with a cute little bear printed on it. I keep it in my wallet as a reminder of how fun my experience here was.

Have you been to Korea? Maybe we can talk about your favourites! 😊

 I would definitely come back and maybe I can stay longer. 🙂

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