In Between


Just there in a distance, whispering my vows that will never anymore be heard by your heart. With the stillness that I have never known until now, I solemnly swear that you will be my first, last, and in between. Through sickness and in health, we were never apart.

Your hair might have turned to ashes and your skin might have lost its firmness, yet you still take my breath away like how you used to when our hearts first met. Right then, I am confident that our love will always be fresh and new as if we have only just began.

My love, you have consumed your every being before I have consumed mine. It breaks every pieces of me to know that your presence will never be again felt by my side. Howbeit, I promise that we will start another chapter in our eternity like how we promise forever in our wedding vows. Though you can’t hear me now, I want to whisper that I love you, until my very last breath, until the last fluctuation of my beating heart.

I will be waiting for the day when I can again clasp your fingers in mine. Fly and Rest in the wind, my love, wait for me in the finish line.

Until then, until I see you again.

In the loving memory of our loved ones who left before us.


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